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The Girlsupps Gang

Helping women through #thickandthin



We live by our motto ‘We’re not farmers but we do grow peaches’. At Girlsupps we keep our word, making sure to keep our customers wellfed and THICK with our 100% plant-based and gluten-free weight gaining supplements. Voted Best in Black Beauty by Essence, our ‘Gain+ Capsules’ capsules were developed to highlight your feminine curves and our fan favorite liquid formulas help empower women to bounce back at any age.

Are you ready to join the Girlsupps Gang and get #thickandthriving?

Adding Girlsupps GAIN+ Supplements to your daily routine will help you to:

• Balance Your Hormones
• Increase Appetite
• Reduce Anxiety & Depression
• Gain Healthy Weight that Stays!
• Become More Feminine & Curvy


Tiffany Davis

I considered myself underweight after becoming a mother for the first time in 2014. Giving birth to my son is what helped me bring to life Girlsupps (formerly Nutrithick). I saw a gap in the market for weight gain products created for women like myself who were looking for alternative, natural herbs and supplements with holistic, clean ingredients. 3 years of research later, I founded Girlsupps in 2017.

With my desire to see women worldwide confidently embrace their bodies every step of the way, Girlsupps was founded for women, by women. Our brand is here to inspire and support women on a healthy weight gain journey. We’re dedicated to building community in the best way possible to help you reach your best #Thick potential.

Made with #ThickLove,

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The Girlsupps Gang Keeps it Real

"I love this product I went from being 105lbs to 152lbs in 6 months loving my new look the key is to eat well and stay consistent with supplements."
Giovanni J.
"It’s been a few weeks since my order and I already gained 6lbs. My curves are filling out and this booty is bootying. Like seriously order your bottle now."
"I have now gained about 10lbs within a few weeks! Just be mindful and do a little work out here an there to even the body and tone correctly. But I love love lovvveee this product. Gonna keep stocked with it! Period"