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Customer Reviews! Nothing But #ThickLove

"It’s been a few weeks since my order and I already gained 6lbs. My curves are filling out and this booty is bootying. Like seriously order your bottle now."
I love that it is all natural and it really works with your natural body system to bring up your appetite and help you gain weight in all the right places. I love it!!! I’m almost done and I need to get more❤️❤️
"I love this product I went from being 105lbs to 152lbs in 6 months loving my new look the key is to eat well and stay consistent with supplements."
Giovanni J.
"I have now gained about 10lbs within a few weeks! Just be mindful and do a little work out here an there to even the body and tone correctly. But I love love lovvveee this product. Gonna keep stocked with it! Period"
The confidence and curves this product gives you will honestly change your life. You have to stay disciplined and consistent, but trust me, it is absolutely worth it!
Kumbah G
IT WORKS! All I can say is I’m so happy I trusted my instincts and ordered. Within 3.5 months I had surpassed my target weight, going from 135lbs (Nov 21) to 155lbs (Jan 22). I did have an increase in appetite which has sustained even though I’ve stopped taking these supplements (once I hit 168lbs
Melissa N
I did gain weight everywhere, but with my new fitness routine, I’m feeling healthy happy and juicy in all the right places! Like my thighs touch now, y’all... I’m nearly 5’6” so I’m just loving this weight on me, even though it’s all over, I love it and it’s even better that it’s natural!
Melissa N

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Adding GAIN+ Supplements to your daily routine may provide:

• Increased Appetite
• Anxiety Relief
• Healthier Weight that Stays!
• A more Feminine & Curvy Balance

(Angela Simmons - pictured)



We live by our motto ‘We’re not farmers but we do grow peaches’. At Girlsupps (formerly Nutrithick) we keep our word, making sure to keep our customers well-fed with our 100% plant-based and gluten-free weight gaining supplements. Voted Best in Black Beauty by Essence, our ‘Gain+ Capsules’ were developed to highlight feminine curves and our fan-favorite liquid formula helps empower women to bounce back at any age.

Join the Girlsupps Gang and see yourself #thickandthriving


Tiffany Davis

I considered myself underweight after becoming a mother for the first time in 2014. Suffering through postpartum and not having a supplement available to support me through this phase seemed unfair. I know millions of you can relate to the unexpected changes we go through as new mommies, and weight loss is one that is not talked about enough due to shame and uncertainty. This unfortunate truth inspired me to bring Nutrithick to fruition. I saw a gap in the market for weight gain products specifically created for women like myself who were looking for alternative options that were healthy, safe and actually effective (and not made for men). 3 years of research later, I launched this revolutionary product line.

With my desire to see women worldwide confidently embrace their ever-changing bodies, I crafted supplements purposed just for us. We are 100% women led and all-women operated. GirlSupps is here to inspire and support women on their personal journey to "better". We’re dedicated to building an organic community that helps each of you recognize your feminine beauty and strength through health, recovery, and empowerment. It's a lifestyle and brand worth choosing.

Made with #ThickLove,