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Girlsupps Reviews

Based on 3062 reviews

I’ve gain 4lbs in two weeks !

Worth it !!

It’s works and get in the right shape for your desire body ! Tips, drink smoothie 2x day and consistently take pills 2x with meal ! More eggs and breads also mainly OAT for gain weight fast thank me later 🫶🏼

It works!

I have gained 5 pounds in 3 weeks. Doesn’t sound like much, but for someone who struggles to simply maintain and not lose weight, this is very exciting and encouraging

Blessed Thistle

I just started this a few weeks ago, I haven’t seen much results but I’m going to buy another bottle and give it another try

Best ever!!

Worth buying!! Highly recommend

Give it a try and see how it works for you.

Reviews are very important when choosing a product for the first time. Just remember, reviews are one person's opinion on how something works for them.
I ordered my bottles and I do see results are coming in slowly. This is a natural capsule, so don't expect immediate results. I was taking the recommended dosage and it made me sleepy at work, so I only take two at night. Every one may experience different results, so try it and see how it works for you. This is my review on the product, hopefully it helps.

Best supplement ever!

I’ve been using Nutrithick on and off for over a year and let me tell you how much confidence this product has helped me grown! I’ve never went past 100lbs but with Nutrithick I was able to improve my appetite, reduce my cravings and with the help of weight training I’m a solid 125 with a toned body! This has helped me become confident with myself and how I look inside out. I highly recommend for my tiny girls who need that extra push to reach their goals!

I don’t have any change in my appetite.!


Y’all be careful frfr. This has given me pain in my stomach lining. It even prolonged my period when I was supposed to stop 2 weeks prior.. what works for others may not be for you !

California warning on bottle

I bought this for my daughter. After a few days she was feeling cramps and began getting menstrual symptoms 2 weeks early. she now refuses to take then due to the warning on the bottle.


I’m eating a lot more then I have in months!

A Miraculous Breakthrough

Hey. Just swinging by to say, whatever y’all are doing. Don’t stop 🙏🏾. The weight gain supplements?? They WORK!!! I’ve been taking both the pills and syrup since the ending of May to present and so far I’ve gained 12.5 lbs. I use to do cycling everyday. But I stopped. And I’m not as consistent as I should be. But I’m seeing the gains and others are seeing it too. Keep up the good work.

The only thing y’all need to work on now is a faster shipping time.

Have a blessed day 🩷

Works great

I’ve order this before and it absolutely works! I just ordered 4 more bottles and will order more once i run out of those too. I went from 115 to 140 after some months

Weight Gain Capsules

I honestly feel this is the best weight gain pills I have ever took & the results are insane ! Def will be shopping again

So far so good

I'm within the 1st month still. The main change I noticed is how I feel. I've been taking 4 pills on most days except when I forget. But when I forget I notice a difference in my body which helps me to remember. I just feel more whole when I'm taking this supplement. I've noticed my bust is more full as well. I will continue taking them. Only issue I forsee is what to do when I am trying to conceive since it's not recommended while pregnant. So will be looking for a product that is safe during that time.

Love it

I ordered 3 bottles and the pills of the nutrithick and I also worked out with it and honey body looks amazing this definitely worked out for me and it also gained weight fast.

The new me

The product was wonderful. I enjoyed it.I already finished my first bottle. Need to order my second one.

Gain plus

I must say I’ve been sad lately not eating for whatever reason but I’ve been taking the supplements which helps me with having an appetite. I’m slowly gaining my weight back Thanks to this product.

Growing all the time

This has really been a great journey. I had no appetite. This increased my want for food. It also made my gains in the gym greater.

Love it

Great product and it has no weird side effects. Will order again.

Just started taking it. I hope it helps