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Girlsupps Reviews

Based on 3476 reviews

Works fast . You can definitely see a difference in my weight.

The real deal!

These vitamins work wonders!

Still waiting to see results

I purchased this product about a month ago and still haven seen a difference in weight gain but defiantly Im getting hungrier., this is my first bottle will continue with the second one and see what happens

I would give it more stars but it came in very late . I thought my order was canceled . But when I finally received it I only received 1 bottle instead of 2. I purchase 1/22 and didn’t get it til 2/16 . Waited that long for me to only get 1 bottle . I been emailing and calling no reply . I’love the products but also just want my missing bottle. Thank you .

Started seeing results in one week. Good stuff!

Absolutely love the syrup

It really works


Hello, I'm only giving a 2 star based on customer service. My recent order was delayed with no updated tracking info for weeks. Then when my order came it was incorrect. I've tried countless times to get my order corrected and it seems like no one wants to help. Love the products I've used for a long time. They definitely work and I've never had an issue before besides long shipping time which I except now. Very frustrating to not be able to get my order corrected especially seeing how what I purchased cost more than the product I received. Hoping my order eventually gets corrected as I'm still waiting to hear from someone or receive the product I actually purchased.

Hi Shanika, I believe we sent your replacement package. We apologize again for the inconvenience, and appreciate you as a loyal customer! xo

Works I finished my bottle and seen a difference! Will be ordering more

They took forever and only delivered one bottle instead of 2

It took almost a month to get my ordered my ordered was cancelled accidentally by them then few more weeks passed by I emailed them wanting a refund due to its being almost a month no reply or nothing not even a discount highly not recommended order was placed on
January 18th once I said something about my order saying cancelled on the 29th they then tried to redo my order and it’s just saying today I’ll receive it from the 18th

This is a really good product I see the changes in my eating habits and I’ve gained 5 pounds in 1 week !

I love this product but what’s going on with the shipping. The first time I got it ( it came in 5 days . The next time it was over a month. I ordered the bundle and it came separately. This is my third time and I still don’t have it yet

I just started using the liquid it is so sweet still don’t let me feel hungry

I just started using the liquid it is so sweet it still doesn’t make me feel hungry

Didn’t work for me

I was losing weight ! Never gave me no appetite

Great Product

Started seeing result in my 3rd week and I’m living the direction it’s going.

I only received one bottle ive been using this for months and i never had a problem with my order since placing this order ive also placed a second order i really hope my whole order arrives and they ship my other bottle thats missing

I love this product it works wonders I will be ordering again soon

We love that for you! Thank you for the review xo!

great product !

love this product!! i truly see a difference in weight gain and energy!

Yay! Let's keep going xo!

Nutrithick GAIN+ Weight Gainer Capsules - with Maca Root, Fenugreek and Creatine for Women
Tienna Jean Baptiste Tienna Jean Baptiste (Valley Stream, US)
Curves ahead

I love product. Already gained a couple pounds. Steady appetite love it

We love it! xo

Thumbs up 👍🏾

This product really works I never write reviews but for those who are not sure of it or think they might waste their money I promise you you will love it I stared out 135 now I’m 180 in all the right places been using this product close to a year now definitely go for it ladies

Thank you for trying us out and leaving such a nice review! We appreciate it! Congratulations on doing such a wonderful job of self love and self care! xo

Great Start!

My appetite picked up very soon after beginning the supplement. I am already noticing increased thickness and have gained a few pounds, which is something I've always struggled to do on my own. I am looking forward to more positive results.

Took 3 weeks for my order to be shipped, I contacted customer service multiple times about my order and never got a shipment update or refunded when I requested to cancel my order.

It always stimulates my appetite. I'm disabled and sometimes my meds take away my appetite. I use this to make sure i maintain a healthy weight as i heal.