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Unfortunately, due to the number of orders we receive, we can not cancel, reverse, or modify your order for any reason. 

There are no refunds, and all products are final sale except international order issues, which must be reported within 45 days via email at support@nutrithick.com (terms and conditions may apply)

To ensure that your package is delivered correctly and you receive shipment  please:
1) Make sure your address is fully entered and correct.
2)Use correct abbreviations and spaces are correctly inserted.

We do not take responsibility for the incorrect information.

Returned orders:
If your package was returned to us without a redelivery option, you would have to pay a $12 re-shipping fee, or we can refund the order minus the shipping cost.

If the current order still has the option for redelivery, it can be re-shipped to the correct location. Please get in touch with USPS immediately. If the package is returned non-deliverable, we will not refund this order.

For any questions and concerns, you can contact us:
Phone: 1-800-757-0035 (Toll-Free) or 678-705-3059 (Local)
Email: Support@nutrithick.com