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The only healthy weight-gaining supplment you'll need from here on out.


at every stage of thickness

Girlsupps (formerly Nutrithick) is a female-led nutrient supplement lifestyle brand. Created in 2017 by our founder, Tiffany Davis, Girlsupps was born out of a need to fill a gap in the market for natural weight gain products for women. Today, our brand provides all natural and nutrient rich weight gain supplements, dedicated to support women at every stage of their journey through #thickandthin.

Using 100% plant-based and gluten-free formulas with health-boosting ingredients like palmetto, creatine and ginger root, Girlsupps speaks to women’s needs at any stage. Whether you’re dealing with loss of appetite, hormone imbalances or want to reach the best version of yourself when you look in the mirror – We Got You.



We are 100% women-led team empowering women of all shapes and sizes to love their bodies through #thickandthin. Girlsupps is dedicated to building gains and confidence in women by providing all-natural and nutrient rich supplement products for weight gain. Our products are tailor-made to help support women with appetite support, balancing hormones and gaining muscle mass. Girlsupps is here to celebrate the female form at all stages of thickness.



Voted Best in Black Beauty by Essence, our ‘Gain+’ capsules were developed to highlight your feminine curves and our fan favorite liquid formulas help empower women to bounce back at any age. Our products are truly made to empower you at every stage of your weight gain journey, from our premium athleisure apparel ‘Sweat’ to Girlsupps Measuring tapes to track your progress.

Girlsupps is not only a product but a lifestyle where we come thru’ for THE GIRLS with healthy #THICKNESS enhancing options to celebrate YOU.