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Girlsupps Reviews (formerly Nutrithick)

Based on 2897 reviews

Nutrithick GAIN+ Vitamin Liquid Appetite Support with Blessed Thistle

Nutrithick GAIN+ Vitamin Liquid Appetite Support with Blessed Thistle

Gaming weight

Will need to put some weight on

Love the liquid

The liquid does work and I do feel a huge difference in my appetite.

Just started my journey, hope to see results soon

I love these pills

I am gaining weight and I have a lot more energy this is my second month taking them. Can’t wait to see what the results are at month 3!

It works!

Have been using it for about a month now & I have noticed a natural increase in my appetite.

NUTRITHICK® Measuring Tape
Samantha Dulcio (Miami, US)

This company is by far one of the best companies to help me with my weight gain journey!


So far, nothing has changed with my appetite. I am almost done with a full bottle and nothing yet. Tried this product back in 2021 and did not have any change. Thought I would try again but the same.

Very Great Results

Love These Products So Much Great Results & Awesome Turn Makes My Buns Nice And Rounder! Used This For A Few Months

Buy it!

I have been taking this for two weeks now and I can get the gains in alllll the right places. I workout 4 days a week and waist train daily. I definitely will be buying again.

Definitely an increase in appetite so far. It’s only been 2 weeks.

NUTRITHICK® GAIN+ Liquid Appetite Support

Great product

I love this product. I wanted to gain my weight back after having surgery and going thru the pandemic. This product has done Just that. I’ve gained my weight in all the right places you have to work out consistently and take the recommended doses.

It works!!!

Appetite highly increased since I started using. Haven’t really saw a dramatic increase in weight I started at 116. I’ve gained one pound but users have reported seeing results after the second bottle. I’m currently using the syrup and weight gainer.


I’ve been on it for 2 weeks and have gained 3lbs!! I’ve seen a huge increase in my appetite with no side effects!

The product works good

Pill are the BOMB

These pills are definitely 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I am so happy with them yessssss just don’t like that they take so long to come have to make sure I order before I run out but they are definitely to buy

Thanks nutrithick

Really love the capsules I purchased. My husband has noticed a difference and I'm overwhelmed. Thanks again


I've struggled with the same weight since high-school and that was 20 years ago for me. Truly happy to have something that gives me more of an appetite

Be consistent

The pills work I’ve gained like 4 pounds in the butt and hip area I started the drink as well waiting on the combined results, be consistent drink water a lot of it! Shipping takes longer than I’d like but if you order 2 weeks before you’ll be fine…!